Take a visit to this whimsical garden. Credit: Nitin Mukul

The secret gardens of the Hamptons are plentiful. We’ve written before about some of , and are back to report on another must-see: the

“Garden” feels almost too formal a word for the whimsical, expansive canvas that is this two-acre estate in Sagaponack village in the Hamptons. It was established in 1967 by artist and writer Robert Dash. According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Dash named the home Madoo for an Old Scots word that translates into “my dove.” He said the property “winked at me.”

This is the perfect “secret garden” for your kids. Credit: Nitin Mukul

And that’s how it still feels, with its use of colors, wacky sculptures, fountains and nooks galore. Like any great landscape architect, Dash created a big “reveal” after a more dense series of pathways and plantings that lead to a breathtaking meadow and lawn. Bring your kids; they can scamper through purple gazebos and cross bridges to nowhere. 

Besides the beaches, nearby attractions include Dia Bridgehampton, which we’ve written about.

This quick trip out of the city will make the entire family happy. Credit: Nitin Mukul

Madoo also boasts public performances, a gallery space, storytelling and other events frequently held on site; check the for details. It’s open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays until Columbus Day. Advance reservations are required. On our recent visit, nobody was on site to monitor us. A grant has enabled Madoo to be free to the public and waive the usual $10 admission fee. Accessibility is not a word we associate with the Hamptons so when it happens, we’re here to shout about it.

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